HPL plywood, also called HPL laminated plywood, in recent years, more and more consumers use HPL as surface decoration plates because it has much excellent physical performance, market rapidly in the field of decoration. It could be seen at any time as environmental protection board, the following brief introduction of what is refractory veneers, and mainly in the field of what use this type of decorative building materials.

To start the introduction to HPL plywood we should introduce HPL to what is meant by HPL. HPL, the full name is high-pressure Laminate but is designed to be used at the base of a fireproof finish that is rich in surface colors, textures, and Special physical properties.HPL is widely used in interior decoration, furniture, kitchen cabinets, laboratory table, exterior walls, and other fields.

HPL is stock made of surface paper, color paper, base paper (multi-layer Kraft paper) after soaking, drying, high temperature, and high pressure and other processing steps. The surface paper and color paper are impregnated with melamine resin to make the refractory board wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and other physical properties. Multilateralism Kraft paper makes the refractory plate has good impact resistance and flexibility.

The stock size at the HPL plywood is 1220*2440mm. Plywood is typically 3mm to 30mm thick and can be up to a maximum of 40mm or more.

The advantage of HPL: color is more bright-colored, sealing side form is various, have wear-resisting, resistant to high temperature, resistant to cutting, impermeable, easy to clean, moisture-proof, do not fade, touch delicate wait for a characteristic, and its price is practical.

HPL has monochrome series, color series, wood series, stone series, laser series, metal wire drawing series, and so on, with nearly 2,000 kinds of color and color. Surface treatment has a matte, highlight, pockmark, synchronous to grain, paint face, pane, dot, hollow out special-shaped surface, and so on nearly more than 200 kinds.

The HPL plywood is to replace the surface material of ordinary veneer panels with HPL (typically 0.5mm thick), and its purpose is to inherit the excellent performance of HPL and apply it to more scenarios.

More and more clients are choosing HPL Plywood at the same time for walls, cabinets, furniture, and desks, set at the same time for rich colors and textures that offer their clients unlimited choice.

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Post time: Sep-23-2020