What are the requirements for the plywood if it needs to be waterproof?

WBP glue, water boiled proof
If plywood is made with this glue, it will become waterproof.
WBP plywood can be used outdoors for long periods of time cause waterproof and moisture-proof.
WBP plywood is not a specific kind of plywood, but a plywood with a specific function.
If a glue has the properties of WBP, it can be called WBP plywood.
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How can we test the wbp plywood?
The way WBP plywood is tested is by boiling the sample in boiling water.
If the sample is boiled in boiling water for a long time without opening the glue, then it can be proved that the plywood has good WBP properties.
The common WBP glue is melamine glue and phenolic glue.
In general, ordinary melamine glue can keep in boiling water for 4-8 hours without opening, good melamine glue can keep for 10-20 hours without opening;
While normal phenolic plywood will remain in boiling water for about 24-72 hours without breaking, the best phenolic glue will retain its WBP properties forever.

Moreover, the quality of WBP plywood is not only related to the glue, but also depends on the production process and the quality of the core board.
Usually, outdoor plywood is generally WBP plywood, in order to good outdoor use effect, it needs to be waterproof, weather resistant, moisture-proof.
Indoor Spaces such as the kitchen and bathroom also need WBP plywood, which can achieve better results than regular plywood.

Post time: Jan-28-2021