Plywood Supplier , Edlon Tells You How To Get Your Ideal Plywood Sheets

We are a plywood supplier, since we setted up our factory based on Xuzhou China, we have developped many types plywood sheets’ appearance, so it can meet our customers requirements.
But we also get some problems when we talk to some friends especially when they are not good at the things about the plywood.
Many people don’t know about the veneer, From China, people will choose okoume or sapele as the veneer, because it’s cheap but also good looking, Bintangor121while other types’ price would be higher, for example, birch, oak, pine etc.birch
Nowadays, more and more people choose melamine coat their plywood, it looks luxury but what people don’t know is the melamine is cheaper than most veneers. Melamine is waterproof and good at surface design. if you want, you can choose any types of designs. So it will match you better.
We also recommend you with HPL and PVC types plywood sheets. They are better quality and thicker appearance, it will make your plywood stronger. Many of our customers choose them for their kitchen and bathroom. If you decorate your house with that material, your furniture and the place would be very stable and safe.Acrylic-12

I wish you can get your ideal plywood sheets to make a good job. But if it’s hard to choose, maybe you can tell us, we are willing to talk with you.

Post time: Feb-20-2021