Melamine paste panel features

As one of the more common plank types in our furniture material, the application of melamine stick panel is quite extensive, often applied to, computer desk, all kinds of furniture are using melamine stick panel.The following is about the melamine sticker panel information, including melamine sticker panel profile and characteristics, to help you understand the melamine sticker panel.


Characteristics of melamine paste panel:

1 moistureproof, waterproof: in nowadays fiber board, particle board is household ambry important material, but because they do not fire prevention, not waterproof, go up in ambry especially defend bath kitchen application, make consumer has a headache to this ceaseless.And avoid lacquer zoology board base material USES solid wood multilayer or joinery board, just made up this market monopoly, eliminated consumer afterthought worry.

2. The power that grasp a hammer is good, can use repeatedly assembly: wenqi ecological material is equal to real wood, therefore wenqi ecological board itself holding nail force than particle board, the board much stronger, in the use of household, damage of fibre board and particieboard once somewhere it is difficult to repair, especially office furniture drawer is broken, it is difficult to repair, and the furniture of wenqi ecological board to do certain parts damaged, oneself start work can be repaired at once.

3. To save money, save worry, highly cost-effective: now home decoration of veneers on the board, but also on the surface paint, not only the price is high, and it is difficult to achieve environmental protection requirement, finish decorating, interior need a long time to check in, or even due to particle board, MDF in formaldehyde content is higher than ecological board base material to check-in after still have to continue to suffer physical damage.

Compared with ordinary veneer furniture, melamine board can do acid and alkali resistance, moisture resistance, high temperature resistance, and has the performance of fire prevention, so since its birth, it has been quickly applied in the field of household.This is why the mainstream plate market has a melamine board figure.Melamine paste panels, also known as melamine boards, are based on particleboard and density boards and coated with melamine-impregnated paper.The color of furniture surface, simple sense depends on the effect of this stick face.


Post time: Mar-09-2020