Main uses of plywood

Plywood maintains the original advantages of Wood: good acoustics and heat preservation performance, high weight ratio, easy processing and dyeing, etc; it overcomes some defects of the wood such as the homogeneity, small size and natural defects such as knots and scars; it can be widely used in all walks of life.

1. Furniture manufacturing plywood can be used to manufacture all kinds of furniture such as tables, cabinets, cabinets, beds, etc. Plywood produced at home and abroad is mostly used in furniture manufacturing. At present, plywood accounts for 41.3% of all kinds of wood-based panels used in furniture manufacturing in our country.

2. Architecture and decoration materials in architecture, plywood can be used as floor, wallboard, ceiling board, stair board and other indoor decoration materials, as well as cement template, etc. Construction industry is the second largest market of plywood.

3. The interior decoration of vehicles and ships as the interior decoration materials of cars, trains and ships, plywood is also widely used

4. Other aspects in other aspects, plywood is also widely used. For example, manufacturing various control desks and control cabinets in industry, manufacturing TV case, Bell box and instrument box in electronics and light industry, and manufacturing various packing boxes in transportation industry.

Post time: Nov-28-2019