Furniture selection, the first choice of wood-based panel

The furniture material on the market can be divided into two categories: solid wood furniture and wood-based board furniture, each of which has advantages and disadvantages:

Solid wood furniture:

With natural, environmental protection, health and other advantages,

But its shortcoming is also very outstanding, be easy to be out of shape namely, maintain rise more difficult.For example cannot let sunshine direct illuminate, cannot too cold overheat, too dry and damp environment are not suitable to solid wood furniture;If do not pay attention when using, frequent switch air conditioning causes temperature and humidity change to be too big, even if it is qualified real wood furniture product also can produce the phenomenon of deformation, craze sometimes, can say no matter what wood is used, how fastidiously, avoid these problems very hard.


Wood-based panel furniture:

As one of modern emerging furniture, use man-made board to make furniture can save lumber 40 ~ 90%, can replace lumber completely even.In addition to saving wood, wood-based panel furniture can also reduce planing, planing, patchwork, paint and other operation time.At the same time because of the use of high – grade rubber, with a certain natural wood color and texture, in the performance is often superior to natural wood.

The special of man-made board furniture, loading and unloading is convenient.Because raw material is man-made board, not natural, it is through artificial transformation, so in this process will consider more human factors, so the product can reflect more humanized characteristics.artificial Board furniture is to use all sorts of metal hardware to unite normally and become, disassemble outfit is very convenient, and can disassemble many times.

Special second, personalized characteristics of wood-based panel furniture.People can customize man-made board furniture according to his be fond of, include the color above, design to wait, the client can undertake processing according to his will, have individuation very much, and return not easy be out of shape.

The special 3 of man-made board furniture, any thing has two sides, man-made board furniture is no exception.Man-made board furniture is weaker in environmental protection performance respect, wait for the further improvement that produces a home.With the continuous development of science and technology, the formaldehyde content in the glue is decreasing, the level of artificial plate pressing is improving, the environmental protection of artificial plate has been gradually guaranteed.


Post time: Mar-09-2020