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Xuzhou Edlon plywood, mainly using poplar from China inland areas as the plywood core board,Plywood is the thin wood obtained by cutting or planing, and then bonded with glue to make two adjacent thin wood fibers perpendicular to the direction, generally an odd number of layers, such as 3,5,7,9 and so on.
Edlon factory has a rich history of factory construction. Through continuous learning and experience accumulation, the maximum thickness of plywood can be reached to 40mm or even thicker.

We have established friendly relations and long-term cooperation plans with furniture factories and construction companies all over the world.
Plywood from Edlon in Xuzhou can be found all over the world.
Plywood is an essential material in furniture production, construction activities and case manufacturing.
Because of its powerful functions and diverse USES, plywood is now used all over the world, whether in the cabinets of homes, closets, tall buildings outside houses, crates and cabinets used to hold cargo in airplanes.

In addition, the use of plywood greatly saves the consumption of wood, which also promotes the usage of plywood.

According to the usage, The plywood of Edlon in Xuzhou can be mainly divided into several categories: decorative board, building material board and aviation board.

In plywood production, decorative board is to stick a thin layer of decorative veneers to the core plywood, known as decorative veneers plywood.
It should be noted that common decorative panels are divided into natural wood veneer and artificial thin wood veneer.
Natural wood veneer is made of precious natural wood by planing or peeling processing methods.
Artificial thin wood is to use the raw wood that the price is lower to turn cut to make veneer, after certain craft glue presses wooden square, the adornment thin wood that cuts to make to have beautiful decorative pattern again by planing.
Usually natural woodiness veneer is acted the role of veneer veneer is often decorative pattern is good, the tree species with high value, wait like cypress, oak, hua Li wood, Ash.
But it should be stated in the trade name, for example, as “cedar veneer,” or “ash sliced plywood,” or “cherry veneer.”
In several names, “veneer”, “slice” and “trim” all reflect the basic characteristics of “trim”.
But cannot wait for abbreviation with plywood of plywood of cypress wood three-ply, plywood of China ash three-ply, because these abbreviations fan refers to the face plate of plywood, bottom plate is made by cedar wood or China ash.
Is another problem, veneer production of furniture is increasing, although these furniture has the appearance of “cedar wood grain”, but on the whole, wood is the other wood furniture manufacturing, and now some stores put these furniture dubbed the treasure solid wood furniture for sale, this kind of behavior greatly hurt the development of the market.
Edlon also wants you not to be deceived here.

Building material board basically is to use stick film to protect a surface, some choose phenolic glue to achieve waterproof function.
Many of Edlon’s construction partners generally choose phenolic glue. This greatly extended the use life of film faced plywood.

Film surface mainly includes: HPL,PVC, PETG,MELAMINE and common black film.Their primary purpose is to use the melamine, HPL, PVC and PETG plywood for building concrete, walls, ceilings, and floors, among other things.

Xuzhou Edlon plywood can provide you with a variety of plywood sizes, but the main plywood size is 1220cm by 2440cm.
There are different quantity requirements for different sizes of plywood.
The thickness is generally 3-18mm, with the thickest up to 40mm.

The rapid growth of China’s economy has become a strong pull to promote the demand of plywood market.
Timber from fast-growing and high-yield forests in North China, East China and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River has flooded into the market in large quantities, as well as the continuous supplement of high-quality broadleaf timber from abroad, providing abundant raw materials for the continuous development of China’s plywood industry. Shandong and northern Jiangsu, such as Xuzhou, have become the major production places of plywood.
Adequate human resources are also an important factor in the cost accounting of China’s plywood industry compared with other plywood producing countries.
The quality of Chinese plywood products itself has also been greatly improved, making it increasingly competitive in the international market.
China is not only a big plywood exporter, but also the world’s largest plywood producer.

Xuzhou Edlon plywood are always happy to be your great partner.

Post time: Nov-30-2020