• Post time: Feb-20-2021

    We are a plywood supplier, since we setted up our factory based on Xuzhou China, we have developped many types plywood sheets’ appearance, so it can meet our customers requirements. But we also get some problems when we talk to some friends especially when they are not good at the things ab...Read more »

  • Post time: Feb-01-2021

    Phenolic plywood: plywood sheet made with phenolic glue, so it can be waterproof and much more stable for long usage life. We are a plywood factory, so we know how to make it better for outside usage, to make it waterproof and stable. Phenolic glue is great, it’s suitable for plywood, if y...Read more »

  • Post time: Jan-28-2021

    WBP glue, water boiled proof If plywood is made with this glue, it will become waterproof. WBP plywood can be used outdoors for long periods of time cause waterproof and moisture-proof. WBP plywood is not a specific kind of plywood, but a plywood with a specific function. If a glue has the prope...Read more »

  • Post time: Jan-18-2021

    These days the world goes terrible because of the covid-19. So we try to find some great ideas on the internet that we can use when we decorate our own house. Plywood is a kind of good material that could be used widely for many ways. The wood veneer faced plywood sheet could make your house very...Read more »

  • Post time: Dec-12-2020

    There is no doubt you have heard about plywood, and chances are you own something made from it, such as a chair, table, or any other type of furniture. While plywood is found everywhere around us, such as in the furniture and construction industries, few people are aware of different plywood type...Read more »

  • Post time: Nov-30-2020

    Xuzhou Edlon plywood, mainly using poplar from China inland areas as the plywood core board,Plywood is the thin wood obtained by cutting or planing, and then bonded with glue to make two adjacent thin wood fibers perpendicular to the direction, generally an odd number of layers, such as 3,5,7,9 a...Read more »

  • Post time: Nov-10-2020

    16 money-saving plywood tips to help you build better cabinets and furniture. Check out our best tips for getting your project done right. 1 / 17 Family Handyman Best Plywood Options Building furniture and cabinets is an investment of both time and money. So when you’re buying plywood for thes...Read more »

    Post time: Sep-23-2020

    HPL plywood, also called HPL laminated plywood, in recent years, more and more consumers use HPL as surface decoration plates because it has much excellent physical performance, market rapidly in the field of decoration. It could be seen at any time as environmental prot...Read more »

  • Difference between plywood and blockboard
    Post time: Mar-09-2020

    1, blockboard. Blockboard is a solid board consisting of a core board and a watch board. The core board of the fine wood board is spliced ​​by wood planks. Generally, the same tree species or similar tree species are selected. The moisture content of the core board of blockboard is controlled bet...Read more »

  • Furniture selection, the first choice of wood-based panel
    Post time: Mar-09-2020

    The furniture material on the market can be divided into two categories: solid wood furniture and wood-based board furniture, each of which has advantages and disadvantages: Solid wood furniture: With natural, environmental protection, health and other advantages, But its shortcoming is also very...Read more »

  • Melamine paste panel features
    Post time: Mar-09-2020

    As one of the more common plank types in our furniture material, the application of melamine stick panel is quite extensive, often applied to, computer desk, all kinds of furniture are using melamine stick panel.The following is about the melamine sticker panel information, including melamine sti...Read more »

  • Post time: Nov-28-2019

    Plywood maintains the original advantages of Wood: good acoustics and heat preservation performance, high weight ratio, easy processing and dyeing, etc; it overcomes some defects of the wood such as the homogeneity, small size and natural defects such as knots and scars; it can be widely used in ...Read more »