Plywood functions: Phenolic plywood for roofs,the best choice to make it safe and stable

Phenolic plywood: plywood sheet made with phenolic glue, so it can be waterproof and much more stable for long usage life.
We are a plywood factory, so we know how to make it better for outside usage, to make it waterproof and stable.
Phenolic glue is great, it’s suitable for plywood, if you want to choose plywood for boat, for ship, for roof and other outside usages. we suggest you to choose this kind glue plywood, it can make your things stable and steady.
Phenolic plywood can be boiled in the boiling water, in the boiling water, it can keep good for a very long time.
We-Edlon plywood, can also provide your custom size plywood, and customized design.
Usually, the surface would be veneer coated, so it could be more original and nutural.gotg-01.29-7-7961886-1200x900

For the veneer, there are many choices, pine, birch, oak and other types tree veneers.
For the core, we use poplar, birch and composite wood materials mostly. Composite wood is the cheapest type while people often choose birch plywood as high level core material.
Usually, the plywood size for roof is 1220mmx2440mm and the thickness is 3mm to 18mm. For the maximum, the thickness can be 40mm. With that size plywood sheet, your roof can’t be stronger.

Post time: Feb-01-2021